Joil - Terre Francescane - Extra virgin olivolja - 2 - 500 ml

Joil - Terre Francescane - Extra virgin olivolja - 2 - 500 ml
Altro - Umbrien - Italien

Lot consisting of two bottles of Extra Virgin Olive Oil JOIL 500 ml, with box, made by C.U.FR.OL., UMBRIA - ITALY.

JOIL - Jewel Oil Italian Luxury
At EXPO 2015, C.U.FR.OL. launches a limited edition of 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil, an expression of the supreme quality and elegance of the Made in Italy.

An extra virgin olive oil derived from olive trees whose roots cling strongly to the little land that covers the rock, giving life to an oil with very high contents of polyphenols and vitamins. Their fruits are hand-picked by experienced staff, with a lot of effort, given the difficult working conditions. But the result is a very valuable oil, selected and produced in very small quantities.

It is like a small rough diamond that we enhance to its full splendour, with great care and lot of love.

To enhance our ‘jewel’, we have chosen an elegant and refined packaging, embellished with the writing in pure silver and we have coined a name that distinguishes it from all the other extra virgin olive oils on the market.

JOIL is the oil that anyone should taste once in a lifetime, to understand the true flavour of extra virgin olive oil, for a sensory experience that leaves with the desire to leave and visit our land and experience a unique emotion of pleasure.

Antal flaskor
Typ av olja/vinäger
Extra virgin olivolja
500 ml
Producentens namn
Joil - Terre Francescane
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