Fritz Henle (1909-1993) - Chinese war boy, China, 1940s.

Fritz Henle (1909-1993) - Chinese war boy, China, 1940s.
Gelantin och silver tryck - Konstnärens stämpel - 1940

* Chinese war boy, China, 1940s.

Size: 20 x 16 cm.

The photographs of this established photographer are present in Museums and in privates collections of major collectors in de world.

** Museum piece.


Fritz Henle (1909-1993).

Fritz Henle, born June 9, 1909 in Dortmund, Germany, was a German photographer, known as "Mr. Rollei" for his use of the square format film used in the Rolleiflex camera. He had a career of more than 60 years, during which he accumulated an archive of more than 110,000 negatives, representing images from Europe, India, Japan, Hawaii, the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Initially he studied physics, before entering the Bayerische Staatslehranstalt fur Lichtbildwesen in Munich. After completing his studies, he spent a year photographing works of art in Florence.
During 1934 he traveled throughout Italy, taking photographs for Lloyd's line of steamships, and in 1935-6 he visited China and Japan. In 1936 he did a job for Time-Life, and his photos were published in Fortune magazine. Later he visited the United States, his connections to Life magazine eventually facilitating his emigration to the country. Fritz Henle moved from Germany to the United States, where he became one of the first contributors to Life magazine and Time magazine. Versatile, the German photographer created diverse images, all fueled by a strong goal of revealing the true meanings and essence of things and people, always favoring large square formats that he considered the brightest and clearest viewers for composition and photography. creativity. Instead of taking many photos, she privileged the time to observe her models before capturing them in detail, just as she did with Frida Kahlo. In 1938, he spent two weeks in Paris where he photographed various motifs such as women chatting on a bench or another woman lounging on a chair under a statue. When he returned to New York, his work was rejected by the editor of Time and the negatives were kept for years. In 1944, he received a call from Hélène Lazareff who worked for the New York Times and was looking for photos of Paris while Charles De Gaulle was about to liberate the city. When she presented her 1938 images, the publisher burst into tears at the beauty of her homeland, the following Sunday, they were featured in a 4-page New York Times editorial. He became an American citizen in 1942, and moved to Saint Croix in the Virgin Islands in 1958. Henle photographed fashion, portraiture, travel and industrial subjects and his work was published by Life, Mademoiselle, and Harper's Bazaar magazines. He died in Saint Croix, United States Virgin Islands on January 31, 1993. An exhibition entitled "Fritz Henle: In Search of Beauty", which marked the centenary of his birth, was held at the Harry Humanities Research Center Ransom at the University of Texas at Austin in 2009.

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Fritz Henle (1909-1993)
Titel på konstverk
Chinese war boy, China, 1940s.
Gelantin och silver tryck
Konstnärens stämpel
20×16 cm
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