Unik - 2 olika SCORPIONS i DINO-skogen med örn som byte!

Unik - 2 olika SCORPIONS i DINO-skogen med örn som byte!
KRITA-Yngre krita (66,0–100,5 miljoner år)

You are bidding on selected inclusions from one of the largest collections in Germany, which consists of amber from all over the world (Baltics, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Burma), and I am offering them for auction for age-related reasons.
Authenticity, quality and rarity are guaranteed, partly suitable for museums, which concerns an estimated percentage of e.g. less than 0.1% of various finds.

Burmite is the name of a type of amber that is considered to be the amber with the greatest number of inclusions!

In a honey-coloured larger stone with 4 cut sides 3.5 x 3 x 3 x 1.6 x cm are
2 different scorpions and a dramatic event has probably taken place!
The bodies are partially torn or empty (eaten?) and in a pair of pliers an earwig was caught
as prey!

After one grabbed the earwig off the other, both victims were hit by the strong resin flow!

The value of an inclusion stone mainly depends on the rarity, and it is less than 0.01 % in this case, because of this unusual combination and the rare prey action!

4 photos with multi-layer shots document this MUSEUM piece!

2 olika SCORPIONS i DINO-skogen med örn som byte!
Geologisk tidsperiod
KRITA-Yngre krita (66,0–100,5 miljoner år)
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