Dheulland J. - Theatre de la Guerre en Italie - 1748

Dheulland J. - Theatre de la Guerre en Italie - 1748
Krigshistoria, Geografi - Antal: 1 - Handmålade illustrationer - Bok

Magnificent copy with all 24 (rarely complete) detailed hand-coloured, double-page (26x37 cm) maps, in perfect condition with fresh and well-inked pages.

Beautiful and rare atlas published in the aftermath of the Polish Succession War. (See Catalogo Reale Officio Topografico di Napoli; Di Biasio: Le strade della Posta).

Guillaume Dheulland (1700–1770), master engraver and draughtsman, was best known for his grand Map of Paris in 1756. He also engraved for famous cartographers such as Charlevoix, Bellin, Cassini and Prevost. He has produced numerous works of great quality and accuracy.

Beautiful coeval leather binding, spine with 5 raised bands, decorated with gold floral friezes, gold titles, signs of wear. Large double-page title page with a frame decorated with military trophies, soldiers and royal coat of arms.
It contains the title page, two double sheets of index and 24 very detailed double-page maps (26x37 cm) of the Alpine arc and Piedmont, Valle d'Aosta, Lombardy and Liguria divided into their various departments with title and metric scales at the top, colour borders.

Two double-page plates of the places mentioned in the plates in alphabetical order, a collective double-page plate. It is followed by the maps of Boneville-Martinach; Sutten ou Syon; Varesse et Ugona; Bergame, Come et Lecco; Monstier et Morges; Aouste et Varallo; Sesto et Biagrasso; Milan; Suse et S.t Jean de Morienne; Ivree, Chivass et Verrue; Novara et Mortara; Lodi, Pavie et Plaisance; Briancon et Mount Dauphin; Turin, Carmagnole et Savillan; Alessandrie et Tortone; Bobbio et Pontremoli; Barcelonette et Beuil; Coni, Tende et Albenga; Genes Savone et Finale; Rapallo et La Specie; Castellane et Antibes; Monaco Vintimille et Oneille.

Topographic maps with a great deal of orographic and hydrographic details and with the astronomical indication of latitude and longitude and with the boundaries of these places surrounded with vintage watercolouring depicting the territories affected by the Franco-Prussian War.

Full title:
Theatre de la Guerre en Italie ou Carte Nouvelle Des Principauté de Piémont, Republique de Genes, Duchés de Milan, Plaisance et Confins, Assujettie aux Observations Astronomiques de Latitude et de Longitude Dédiée et présentée au Roy / Par ses très humbles, Obeissants et fidele Sujets, G. Dheulland et R. Julien Dheulland, Guillaume (17..?-177.). Cartographe
Paris, Dheulland, 1748.

Antal böcker
Geografi, Krigshistoria
Författare/ Illustratör
Dheulland J.
Theatre de la Guerre en Italie
Publiceringsår på det äldsta objektet
illustrerad utgåva
Paris, Dheulland
Handmålade illustrationer
Antal sidor
279×223 mm
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