Jürgen Graetz (1943) - 2 Scenes of daily life at East Berlin (GDR)

Jürgen Graetz (1943) - 2 Scenes of daily life at East Berlin (GDR)
Gelatin-silver tryck (D.O.P) - Konstnärens stämpel - 1972

Two scenes of daily life in East Berlin from the 1970s.

Morning rush our at the underground station Dimitroffstrasse (the todays Eberswalder Strasse) in the 1970s. This elevated railway station was the set for the legendary DEFA-movie "Berlin - Ecke Schönhauser" (1957). 14,4 x 22,1 cm. Stamped. Please note a 2cm fissure at the right hand side of the picture where the newspaper kiosk is shown.

The changing of the guard in a side road of the street "Unter den Linden" where the war memorial "Neue Wache" is situated in the year 1972. 16,8 x 19,7 cm. Unstamped.
Published at Jürgen Graetz, Beate Teubert: Stadt, Land, Leben - Fotografien aus der DDR 1967-1992". Halle 2014, page 10. (The coffee-table-book is n o t part of this lot.)

Jürgen Graetz (*1943) is a private student of Arno Fischer. He worked as a free lance photo journalist for publishing houses as well as for magazines e.g. "Spektrum" or "Sibylle". The publishers did expect pictures of the beautiful socialist life, but Graetz took also private individual pictures which could be shown only after the fall of the wall 1989 and are published since in a lot of books about GDR time.

I got the original unsigned photoprints from the artist himself 2008. They show traces of handling because they were used for artwork. They will be delivered unframed.

Jürgen Graetz (1943)
Titel på konstverk
2 Scenes of daily life at East Berlin (GDR)
Gelatin-silver tryck (D.O.P)
Konstnärens stämpel
144×211 mm
Totala dimensioner
164×22×1 mm
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