Caroni La Maison & Velier - Replica Navy 90° Proof - b. 2018 - 70 cl

Caroni La Maison & Velier - Replica Navy 90° Proof - b. 2018 - 70 cl
Rom - 51.4%

The Rum Navy "90 Proof" of the famous Caroni Distillery is a prestigious special edition of high quality. It was born from the desire to create a unique and special Rum to celebrate 100 years of the Caroni Distillery and represents not only a valuable bottle, but also a piece of Rum history. The label is inspired by the 1940s edition, exported by Caroni to Great Britain and the name recalls the alcohol content of the Rum destined for the British Navy. It is an intense, rich, complex Rum, for true connoisseurs, with enveloping aromas, on the notes of soft spices, dried fruit and honey.

The Navy "90 Proof" is a sort of testament of the Caroni Distillery, which operated in Trinidad from 1918 until 2003 and represented an important piece of Caribbean rum history. After the distillery closed, a precious heritage of rum barrels of old vintages of superfine quality remained, which Velier did not miss. He transferred the precious cargo to Italy and began to bottle historic labels. It is precisely from this Caribbean treasure that the precious bottles of this distillate derive. Trinidad, in the southernmost part of the Caribbean archipelago, was famous for its sugar cane plantations and for the production of particularly high quality molasses, perfect for producing great rums. The Navy "90 Proof" is a selection of the best Caroni rums from Trinidad & Tobago, aged for 18 years in oak barrels in the warm tropical climate of the Caribbean, which has always been considered ideal for the refinement of rum.

The "90 Proof" Rum Navy from the Caroni Distillery is a label intended for lovers and connoisseurs of the great Caribbean Rum. It is, in fact, an almost legendary bottle, not only for the absolute quality of the Rum, for its uniqueness and limited quantity, but also for the history and tradition it represents. In the glass it has a beautiful amber color. The bouquet is persuasive, rich and intense, with aromas of spices, noble woods, dried fruit, soft aromas of tropical fruit and notes of honey. The sip is large and enveloping, with harmonious palate entry, complex and deep aromas, which stretch towards a finish of great persistence.

Destilleri/ märke
Namn/ upplaga
Replica Navy 90° Proof
La Maison & Velier
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70 cl
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