Alice Mariën (1929-2017) - Impressionistisch stilleven

Alice Mariën (1929-2017) - Impressionistisch stilleven
Olja på duk - Handsignerad - 1959-1995

Impressionist still life by Alice Mariën (1929-2017). A leaflet of the artist will be sent with the work (see the last photo)

Material: Oil on canvas.
Dimensions: 50 x 60 cm.
Dimensions with the frame: 53 x 63 cm.

Will be carefully packaged and sent by insured mail.

Mariën has had a fascination for art and culture since an early age. She was educated at various Belgian and Dutch Art Academies. In addition, she has made various trips and intensive studies of old masters and their techniques. Through her training and self-studies she specialized in Impressionism in which nudes, portraits and still lifes were central. In her work, colour and light are used in a dynamic way. The impression and atmosphere, together with the pictured object in the chosen colour combinations form a beautiful whole. It distinguishes itself by high-quality works.

Her work has previously been exhibited at various exhibitions and galleries in the Netherlands and Belgium, and internationally in probably the UK and Germany (source:

Alice Mariën (1929-2017)
Titel på konstverket
Impressionistisch stilleven
Olja på duk
Totala dimensioner
53×63×4 cm
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