Rarity SPIDERFLY endast känd från Karibien! - Acroceridae "Ogcodes exotica"

Rarity SPIDERFLY endast känd från Karibien! - Acroceridae "Ogcodes exotica"
NEOGEN-Miocen, Aquitanian (20,44–23,03 miljoner år) - Dominikanska republiken

You are bidding on selected inclusions from one of the largest collections in Germany, which consists of amber from all over the world
(Baltics, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Burma), and I am offering them for auction for age-related reasons.
Authenticity, quality and rarity are guaranteed, partly suitable for museums.

In a circular crystal clear amber 1.3 cm in diameter is one of the rarest flies, which was only found in the Dominican Republic in some cases!

It is characterised by unusual club legs, as well as hairy humps on the back and parasitized on spiders!
They deposit their eggs on spider nests. The larvae drill into the abdomen of a spider and develop there!

A highlight for the dedicated collector, who is especially looking for rarities from all over the world.

This well-preserved museum exhibit has the rarity value of approx. 0.01%

Rarity SPIDERFLY endast känd från Karibien!
Vetenskapligt namn
Acroceridae "Ogcodes exotica"
Dominikanska republiken
Geologisk tidsperiod
NEOGEN-Miocen, Aquitanian (20,44–23,03 miljoner år)
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