Madeira: Blandy "S" Very Dry & Henriques&Henriques - Verdelho - Madeira - 2 Flaskor (0,75L)

Madeira: Blandy "S" Very Dry & Henriques&Henriques - Verdelho - Madeira - 2 Flaskor (0,75L)
I originalkartong - Madeira - Portugal

This work analyzes the changes undergone by agrodiversity in Santa Cruz. This municipality, in Southern Madeira Island, presents four bioclimatic levels and many agroecological units. The evolution of agrodiversity began with the first human settlement, after the discovery of the Archipelago in 1418. In the first, the biophysical, specific and intraspecific agrodiversity increased and diversified due to the construction of agro-systems, introduction of crops, succession of agricultural cycles, adaptation to agroecological conditions and to the action of pests, diseases or man. Historical records document the introduction of a large number of crop species and the use of more than 72 crop species in the county. Some references indicate the cereals wheat and barley, rye, sugarcane, vineyards and sumac was most important crops in the settlement. However, several other cultures played an important role in the county's economy, being grown for food, commercial, industrial, cultural or religious purposes. The adaptation of these species to agro-systems and agro-ecological conditions gave rise to an indeterminate number of local varieties.

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Madeira: Blandy "S" Very Dry & Henriques&Henriques - Verdelho
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