Staty - Förgylld brons, Rubin, Turkos, Guld- och färgmålning - Gröna Tara - Jewelled and Coloured Bodhisattva - Nepal - Sent 1900-tal

Staty - Förgylld brons, Rubin, Turkos, Guld- och färgmålning - Gröna Tara - Jewelled and Coloured Bodhisattva - Nepal - Sent 1900-tal
Bra skick, se beskrivning - 140×190×90 mm

This is a beautiful, bronze, Green Tara Bodhisattva, with 24k Gold Gilt ( verified chemically as 24k Gold from sample ) and red lacquer remnants. Most likely from Nepal.

She wears the iconic high crown, body jewellery, and robes of an enlightened Tara Bodhisattva. She holds the stem of a lotus flowers in her left hand. The lotus flower on the right is missing. She sits in royal pose on a single lotus Base ( please note the green oxidisation)

This is a wonderful piece for the collector, gift, altar, or an impressive interior design statement.

I've reset the empty jewellery settings with 14 quality, gemstones settings, using genuine Turquoise, Coral and Rubies ( I was a successful acclaimed Jewellery Designer in Soho, London in the 1990s).


1.5 mm -2.5 mm Turquoise Cabochons x 12 ( Persian Natural Untreated. Mohs Hard Scale Rating: 5-6 ).

1.30 mm Rubies x 2
( International Grade AAA. A being the highest, AAA lowest. African. Heat Treated. Total Carat of Rubies approximately : 0.10 )


Please Note : All my statues are are kept under Buddhist and/or Taoist conditions. They are consecreated and purified ( I'm empowered to do this by my teachers, though I make no claims as to them therefore having any magical or talismatic powers as statues/dieties ) Income from these is to provide basic financial security at my personal retreat. It allows me to continue to train, and to teach off and online ( now all online) for free or donation. I buy from various auctions and collectors world wide, including Thank-you.

CONDITION: Good. Patina, wear, loss of gold gilt and red lacquer, all usual for age and wear. Loss of detail loss of right lotus flower. Some oxidization on sides and underneath of lotus base, possibly from ritual burial.

AGE: Late 20th, century maybe earlier.



7.5 x 5.5 x 3.5 inches approximately
19 x 14 x 9 cms approximately


600g approximately

Carefully packaged and shipped tracked and signed.

Please be patient for delivery, the postal services world wide are under strain. Thank-you.

Please do not bid if you are unable to pay. This creates tremendous inconvenience. You will loose your bidding privileges on Catawiki and be blocked.

Förgylld brons, Guld- och färgmålning, Rubin, Turkos
Sent 1900-tal
Region/ Ursprungsland
Tema/ skildring
Gröna Tara
Konstverkets titel
Jewelled and Coloured Bodhisattva
Bra skick, se beskrivning
140×190×90 mm
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