Pusselslott - Järn (smide) - 1700-talet

Pusselslott - Järn (smide) - 1700-talet

Large puzzle lock - trick lock with 4 keys

Probably 18th - 20th century, probably from Asia

Fully functional!

Length 153 mm
With smith's mark

By turning the key with the square in the handle, the lower pin can be opened. Behind it is the mechanism that is activated with the help of the previous key, this pushes the inner lock body upwards and releases another keyhole. Then the inner lock body can be unlocked with the help of a key. After this the mechanism on the key hole on the shackle can be unlocked with another key. Finally, you have to unlock the key hole on the wide with the help of the last key. After this, the trick lock is open.

Very complicated technique, with fully-functional mechanism.

Very rare!

Good condition, from former South German padlock collection.

Tidigt 1800-tal
Region/ Ursprungsland
Bra skick, se beskrivning
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