Rainbow moonstone - 2.33 ct - no reserve price

Rainbow moonstone - 2.33 ct - no reserve price
India - Round cabochon cut

Rainbow moonstone from India, 2.33 ct

Superb rainbow moonstone (iridescent colourless labradorite).

- Family: feldspar
- Variety: Rainbow moonstone
- Hardness: 6/6.5
- Origin: India
-Weight: 2.33 ct
-Dimensions: 7.5 mm x 5.2 mm
- Shape/Cut: round cabochon
Colour: iridescent/colourless
- Transparency: transparent
Clarity: some natural inclusions
- Treatment: none

The moonstone belongs to the feldspar family. It is characterized by its lunar reflections called the adularescence phenomenon. It exists in several varieties of colours (white, orange, green, blue, grey...). It can also present a more or less marked phenomenon of labradorescence (oil effect), chatoyance (cat's eye) and even sometimes asterism (star) depending on its origin.

AGemmes offers the best quality gemstones, meticulously selected worldwide for their aesthetic qualities by a certified gemmologist. France has one of the strictest legislations in the world for selling gemstones. The seller is responsible for the utmost precision on the descriptive information provided and he/she has the duty to define the exact nature of a precious stone and, if necessary, any treatment other than a traditional "not melting" heat or a colourless oil that the gemstone could have undergone.

The flaws and inclusions visible in the photo by magnification are considerably attenuated or even totally invisible to the naked eye.

Deliveries are carried out via post with tracking. We remind you that outside the European Union and depending on the country, costs derived from customs duties may be applied to the buyer.

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