Auktion av kameror och optisk utrustning (analoga 1900-1950)

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Ed van Mil

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Edwin Molenaar

Vi anställer experter!

"Ikonta 521/16" Zeiss Ikon (1939). Fully operable!

The exterior is vintage, gorgeous. Fully operable,but the petals of the diaphragm should be lubricated with oil, they dry up from time and sometimes do not slide properly to return to their original position. Mer

Kodak "Junior 620".Contessa Nettel Germany. 1933

The exterior is vintage, gorgeous. TOn shutter speeds from "1" to "10" the blinds are not completely closed, on all others - everything is in order. There is no one side lamella - a guide for closing. Mer

"Moscow-5". (1959) USSR

The camera is in excellent condition. The device is fully working, the duplicating descent lever near the bolt should be oiled, tightly returned to its original position. Mer

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