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Sander Houdel

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Ulysse James

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Porsche - 911 - 1977

German vintage car registration (H license plate) - German title has already been issued - 48,000 km - in good condition Mer

Corvette C2 1965

Registered in Germany, convertible, manual gear shift, German proof of ownership Mer

Honda - Acty - 1981

Rare compact utility van from first hand - impeccable condition with its artisanal side decoration of the time: "Meubles Richard" Mer

Fiat - 500 Lusso - 1971

With Dutch license plate and Dutch Periodic Vehicle Inspection - in very good condition with sunroof Mer


The car has a Hungarian classic car registration. The car is equipped with a manual 4-speed transmission and an air-cooled V4 engine Mer

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